YCOM V1003 Micro charging and Data cable (Metallic Blue)


YCOM V1003 Micro charging and Data cable (Metallic Blue)

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Fast Charging and Sync

Durable and Tangle Free Nylon Braided Design


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High-speed data transfer up to 480mbps with 4.1A charging. It is designed to be compatible with all Micro connector smart devices for the ultimate performance. Sturdy and lightweight aramid fiber braiding ensures high tensile strength, heat resistance, and all-around toughness. Experience unmatched durability from the same materials used in aerospace and marine reinforcements. Sleek and easy-to-use tangle-free 1 m cable for your devices. It also comes tested with a 10000+ bend lifespan which makes it more resilient to heavy-duty usage. Premium metallic blue finish with sophistication to match your workstation without any clutter. TPE connectors help your cable last longer.

How to achieve fast charging?

This cord alone WILL NOT provide you with fast charging alone, you will need a power block rated for fast charging and a phone capable of the same.

Fast Charging and Sync:

Transfer speed up to 480Mbps, 4.1A Fast Charge, Data Transfer, and Power Charging 2 in 1 micro connector Cable. Thick copper wire provides efficient and safe charging.

Charge faster than traditional cables :

As many new devices have improved the charging power, we have specifically thickened the copper wires of our products to meet the higher demand.

The micro connector supports up to 4.1A, charging speed depends on charger power.


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