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Hardware Software Screen Buttons Other
IMEI Calling Check Pressure sensor Camera burst test Bluetooth
Wifi Device age (auto) Touch Calibration 3.5 mm Jack Bill
Battery Device age (manual validation) Screen Check Facial recognition Headphones
Charging Port ID lock Screen Physical Condition Brand Lock / icloud lock Charger
Front Camera Device root Screen Functionality Screen-lock or password Box
Back Camera Is the operator locked Home button Is IMEI / TAC authentic
Microphone Accelerometer Back button Is the device stolen
Proximity Recent App button Bill authenticity
Vibrator Volume buttons Warranty status
Gyroscope Power button
Headphone Jack
Fingerprint Sensor
SIM tray
SIM Working
Is processor / chipset authentic
Receiver speaker
Network – functional
Network Supported Bands
Your phone will be in safe hands throughout the process.
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All the tests that we do are listed here:

Additional Tests

  • Device Spin Test (To check if a phone, usually iPhone, is bent)
  • Battery Spin Test (To check is the battery is inflated)
  • Removing tempered glass to check if the screen is damaged
Yes, we do. Please choose the “Other” option from drop down list while filling the form.
Absolutely. If you send your phone in, a technician will perform a diagnostic service once we receive it and call you with a quote before beginning any work.
Yes, we provide a 6 month limited warranty on all parts and repair services, other than repairs for liquid damage, subject to the exclusions and limitations detailed in our Repair Terms of Service.
No, the liquid damage service includes all parts and labor required to the get phone back to fully functional condition, but does not include liquid damage sensor replacement.
It depends on the liquid. We reserve the right to decline liquid damage repair if the phone or device has been exposed to a liquid that may be hazardous in any way.
Absolutely. Although salt water is corrosive and can be very damaging to electronic devices, we can still attempt to repair it. Our success rate on salt water damage is lower than that of a device that has been dropped in other liquid, but there is still a good chance that it can be repaired. If we cannot repair it, we will refund you the repair cost, minus the cost of return shipping if applicable.
It is possible that a device can begin working normally on its own after liquid damage, but it is very uncommon. It is more likely that corrosion and residue deposits will begin to form on the logic board making the repair process more difficult. We recommend sending the device in as soon as possible, even if it is still wet. The sooner we receive a liquid damaged device, the higher the chance we can repairing it.
If we are unable to repair your liquid damaged device for any reason, your payments will be refunded, minus the cost of return shipping if applicable, and your device will be returned. If your device could not be repaired and you do not want the device back or do not wish to pay for return shipping, please let us know and we will recycle the device at our repair facility.
Yes, the digitizer is responsible for all touch functionality, so any non-responsiveness your phone is suffering due to a drop will be corrected when the digitizer is replaced as part of the screen repair.
Yes, as long as the only issue with your phone is a broken screen. The screen repair service will replace the entire glass face, so the extent of the damage to the previous glass does not matter.
Yes, we provide a 6 months limited warranty on screen repair parts and services, subject to the exclusions and limitations detailed in our Repair Terms of Service.